The brief type: When Marie Antoinette mentioned, « allow the chips to eat cake, » it might currently because she was hogging most of the Michel et Augustin snacks for by herself. Childhood friends Michel and Augustin found in middle school, and, whenever they discovered their particular adult 9-to-5 jobs as unfulfilling, they started a cookie business with a foundation in French pastry. Fast onward 13 years, together with two pals have practices in France and nyc and tend to be seducing the world and their cookies, pastries, yogurts, mousses, as well as other sweets created using simple, pronounceable ingredients. The duo in addition instructs aspiring bakers that perfecting the skill of French pastry is actually attainable through their unique cookbooks and entertaining open residence courses. Michel and Augustin’s dream is straightforward: to help make the globe laugh and bond over a shared passion for sweets.


The story of Michel et Augustin started simply sufficient. Two men started palling around in secondary school and became great friends. But, as with a lot of adolescent friendships, the two parted steps after graduation to follow along with unique pathways.

Michel found themselves doing work in financing in ny, and Augustin was working in marketing and advertising for Air France. But both shortly turned into disillusioned using the 9-to-5 routine in the business world. They reconnected together with duo devised a wild decide to find out all 1,263 bakeries in France and establish the basics of the greatest confectioneries the nation must supply. They typed a novel about any of it — their unique first cooperation!

After completing their particular quest, in 2004, Michel and Augustin aproned-up and set from a adventure: cooking in Augustin’s cooking area. Their unique purpose were to make a line of cookies along with other sweets made out of natural ingredients and really love. And, after tirelessly screening and tasting above 300 recipes, their unique first concoction was given birth to: the little round butter cookie. Michel et Augustin was created!

The pair found rapid success, in addition they consistently innovate much more tasty creations, like a decadent natural yogurt in a container, which had been uncovered just once Michel and Augustin realized their unique valued cow could produce above butter. They sell their products or services with the trademark « kookiness » and delight they infuse within their yummy goodies.

Spreading a fascination with French Pastry all over World

Michel et Augustin concerns more than just creating a tasty cookie. The company is bent on attracting from France’s wealthy culinary record to create masterful desserts.

« It isn’t really about snacks — it is more about a love of French pastry, » mentioned Lily Dionne-Jermanovich, Michel et Agustin’s Communications and material Director. « Almost everything we make is linked to French pastry practices. We’ve a truly powerful union with pastry producing as a business. »

But Lily informed united states an attraction for and expertise of French pastry isn’t just reserved for the product builders (they call them the « recipe team ») at Michel et Augustin. The main organizations kooky tradition is sharing the passion and knowledge of pastry generating very every member of the group, in France and Brooklyn, can train to-be a French pastry chef and take the nationwide examination (titled a « C.A.P. »). In this manner, everybody is able to be involved in innovating brand new dishes and talk knowledgeably with fans, customers, and buyers.

« Once a week in France as soon as a month in New York, our very own Banana Farm (« office ») turns into a pastry course in which the audience is going right on through a timeless program of French pastry and instruction for all the certification, » she stated. « It doesn’t matter if you are an internet site creator or perhaps in revenue — the chance is promoted for several. »

Though Michel et Augustin provides a expansive brand in France, the business sticks towards the same fundamentals and axioms of development for all items.

« finished . all our items have in common is a real focus on flavor and the ingredients, » Lily said. « We focus on the high quality and simpleness regarding the elements, and try to maintain the element record as pronounceable as you possibly can. »

This effects not only in a yummy decadence, but also a goody you can easily be ok with consuming together with your significant other.

An accumulation Treats ideal for discussing together with your Sweetheart

Thereis just some thing about revealing desserts that starts the afternoon correct or ends up a great day. And Michel et Augustin’s creations happened to be designed for merely such occasions.

« It is a moment in time of indulgence at the conclusion of a date, » Lily mentioned. « It really is tasty making with clean ingredients, hence makes the moment much better. It feels very good to engage. »

With the amount of deserving snacks available, there isn’t any need to pick just one single. While there are numerous a lot more options in France — from candy mousse to decadent yogurts and, needless to say, one-of-a-kind snacks — there are numerous available options in the US also.

Lily was fast to advise the most perfect treats to give to or take pleasure in with this someone special.

« All of our popular cookie is actually the 4-Cookie Squares, » she stated. « These include like little square tarts, are available three types, and will end up being very quickly discussed. We likewise have Cookie Buttons, which have been hazelnut candy processor chip cookies with hazelnut ganache around. They show up in bags of two — one in my situation, choice for you! »

For couples whom love their unique day routine collectively, Lily informed all of us Puff Palmiers are a pleasant a.m. option.

« They are puff pastry and taste like Elephant Ears, » she stated. « they are extremely light and flaky and great for discussing more than morning meal with coffee or at beverage time. »

Whether you and your honey are chocoholics or appreciate the fragile butteriness of caramel (or everything in between), Michel et Augustin has actually a worthy treat for revealing (or sneaking off with for your own personal clandestine cookie affair).

Get Involved In the Banana Farm

Michel et Augustin’s viewpoint is the fact that the pleasure of sweets is within the sharing. So that it should be no shock community engagement is actually a large a portion of the organization’s business goal. Everyone is invited to end in and chat (and taste snacks) at their unique Banana Farms (workplaces) in Paris, Lyon, or Brooklyn.

This attitude started at the beginning on the company and it is part of the key. And Lily mentioned this philosophy is actually exemplified into the organizations available residences.

« immediately, Michel and Augustin opened the doorways of the apartment to next-door neighbors, friends, clients, and passersby, for people to offer them opinions, to taste cookies, to taste brand new meals these were evaluating, also to go out together with them and speak about whatever they were undertaking, » she stated. « It’s a thing that’s important to us these days. »

Open residence at the Banana Farm takes place throughout the very first Thursday of each thirty days in France and nyc. Lily told united states these activities provide a means for company giving back again to the community by teaching all of them regarding history and strategies of French pastry.

« We invite every person, household, friends, clients, and buyers in the future show quality recipes, » she stated. « We perform style exams, focus teams, and play video games. It is a genuine area event. »

It’s not only enjoyable and tummy-pleasing to go to, in case you do not have a cookie friend, just imagine all of those other dessert aficionados you could fulfill in the Banana Farm. After all, when someone loves Michel et Augustin treats, you are aware they usually have great taste, and you should have something to bond more than.

Michel et Augustin: focused on Random Acts of Kookiness

In true Michel and Augustin form, the duo started a Random Acts of Kookiness effort to inspire and excite the public. From a tribute to Michael Jackson on cookie square event in addition to their torrid Greek tale, Michel and Augustin infuse hilarity and joy into all they do. You will find the reason why their own treats are addictive — they are fashioned with 100% natural ingredients and good vibes.

Up then for any business is a fresh cookbook that aims to simply help you visitors and others overcome the intimidation of French pastry.

« we are creating a French pastry cookbook when it comes to United States, and it’s about enjoying these extremely tough recipes, » Lily said. « We’re breaking it down and stating it can be done. If we can, anyone can, and now we’re sharing all of our advancement. »

Michel et Augustin normally seeking release their popular candy mousse in the usa.

« our very own dream for the candy mousse is always to seduce The usa’s preferences. »

And, after sampling the business’s snacks and other snacks, the usa is actually undoubtedly set for a long relationship with this mousse.